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    We've got a continuously expanding range of hints and tips on a variety of subjects from dealing with bed-wetting to teaching phonics.

  • Forum

    Looking for a good spag bol recipe? Want to discuss the weekend's football? Got something to get off your chest? Log in and put the world to rights, but let's keep it gentlemanly guys.

  • Jobzone

    Looking to return to work now or in the foreseeable future? Fancy a change of direction when the paternity leave ends? We're here to lend a hand.

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    A man needs a hobby....or three. Ideas for spending that minute of spare time per day and what's new in gadgets and the media.Our aim is to cover all the things of interest to any dad.


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Welcome to Dadlink. Being a 'Stay at Home Dad' presents a whole series of challenges - there's a home to manage, children to look after, errands to run.....hey there's a long list. But there's more to life than just that. Whether you love your role or are desperately looking at the jobsites you may miss a bit of the work life with its morning banter - none of the mums at my kids' schoolgate care whether Mark Lawrenson got it all wrong on MotD - and toddlers' groups may not be the great social occasion that your partner thinks. Therefore we're here to provide news, tips and wide-ranging discussions for 'dads with a lot to do!'.

Take a look at our different zones, join our forum and vote in our 'Poll of the Week'. We'll be adding lots of features in the near future.

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